Effectiveness of Social Media in Expanding Healthcare Business

Effectiveness of Social Media in Expanding Healthcare Business

by: Blessilda Stoker
Establishing a strong social media presence is crucial for doctors and other healthcare professionals in growing their business platforms.
In this age of technology that is constantly evolving and changing, healthcare is being  transformed through the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other web tools to improve patient engagement and interaction.
The effective use of social media helps doctors expand their medical practice by reaching more patients.

Market Your Brand as a Doctor

Physicians can market their own brand or specialization by creating a professional Facebook page or having an official Twitter account.
Social media will support doctors by informing patients and prospective clients on their field of specialty, whether that is dermatology, cardiology, pulmonology, pediatrics, general surgery, obstetrics, gynecology and many more.
Many doctors are also using social media platforms to provide medical guidance to their patients, as well as to their prospective clients.
Social media is also a brilliant and cost-effective strategy in promoting your medical products and services to the public. Most patients are searching online for health-related issues prior to scheduling an appointment with doctors, or before purchasing health and wellness products.
They would like to interact with other customers who have the same health conditions before they can come up with a decision to avail of such health services being offered. These are being done by posting comments and sharing ideas and experiences.
Facebook and Twitter connect doctors and patients in a personalized manner.
These are remarkable tools for setting appointments, maintaining privacy though direct or private messages and communicating health-related concerns directly to professionals without violating privacy of patient information.

E-Health and Online Therapy

The rise of E-Health tools for patient interaction has been widely accepted in hospitals, managed care associations and pharmaceutical companies.
Consumers are mostly on their mobile phones, so being available on social media is a truly functional tool in connecting, sharing current research and information about certain diseases and being aware of the latest news and technology to improve the quality of healthcare.
Online therapy and management are being effectively used in mental health practices and psychological care.
Patients are having Skype sessions with their psychiatric practitioners for behavioral assessment, psychological evaluation, stabilization of mood, and improving mental health.
These are just some examples of therapeutic practice using online tools and social media.

Video Marketing for Healthcare

Doctors and health professionals have been using live videos and podcast productions to educate and inform consumers of the latest trends and important information about medical conditions.
YouTube videos and live streaming can be invaluable tools in discussing health topics and answering queries regarding health issues, so the patients can be more aware of the products and services licensed practitioners can provide.
Having an outstanding social media presence is advantageous for doctors and healthcare professionals to grow and build their business.
It will increase patient involvement and help with gaining more referrals when consumers have a positive outcome with the services and efficient access to healthcare.
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