How Social Media Helps to Grow Dental Practices

How Social Media Helps to Grow Dental Practices

Social media platforms are vital to boost your online visibility. If you’re looking to expand your dental and medical practice, increase your followers and client base, consider this. 


For the last ten years, social media consumption has increased exponentially to 70-80% worldwide. This applies to dental practices as well. 



Facebook Optimization for Dental Practice

Having a well-managed Facebook page is one of the most useful tools to build your strong social media presence.


Facebook will help increase your marketing power.


Do you want to know why?


Because the mechanics of boosting your followers comes with patient engagement. By proper management of your Facebook page.


Create interesting posts to engage your patients and potential customers. Then you’ll achieve optimum business growth.


Below are examples of relevant posts you should create in an ongoing basis:


  • Educational information about maintaining good oral health


  • Promotion of your dental brand


  • Unique products and services you offer as a dentist


  • Latest health and technology about dental hygiene, development and maintenance


  • Medical and Dental events for the community and other social gatherings


  • Dental specialization info like endodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, etc.


  • Cosmetic and ongoing treatment for existing patients


Provide supportive dental advice to your patients using Facebook. This will build your audience – thus increasing your patient interaction and collaboration


Learn to intensify your online availability as a qualified dentist.


Posting regular, daily social media content is an effective trick to improve your profile-building.


Patients that are happily satisfied with your dental services will most likely share and recommend your Facebook page to others. 


Social media is so powerful. When users ‘like’ or write comments on every post, their own circles and connections can see all the interactions being made.




Twitter is also useful to know patient experiences with other dentists. You can use twitter to expand connection with other professionals.


With a maximum limit of 140 words per tweet, Twitter is so convenient and interactive at the same time.


Here are some advantages of using Twitter for your dental practice:


  • Observe and examine latest updates related to dentistry


  • Create interesting contents for patient interaction


  • Follow dental-related pages, profiles, dental associations, specializations and dental product manufacturers


  • Social posts are ‘Retweeted’, multiplied and spread for other users to share


Other Social Media Platforms


Google plus, pinterest, instagram and linkedIn are valuable marketing tools for your dental services.


These tools drives traffic to your website. And increase your visibility in google search engines.


These platforms highlight your connections. And enhance images for marketing. And promote your brand as a professional dentist.


You can use youtube videos to film positive testimonials from patients. And demonstrate dental treatments offered by your office.


Believe in Social Media Experts


Having confidence in social media as an influential tool to promote your dental practice is essential for your business advancement.


Start using social media to promote your brand, achieve positive testimonials and gain more customers. You’ll be well-known in no time. 


Experienced social media marketers are vital for any medical or dental business- while building your online exposure.


There’s a guarantee of more patient referrals to dental offices with proper use of social media and advertisement campaigns.


Client: Increased Revenue

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