Why a Medical Copywriter is Essential for Your Healthcare Business

Why a Medical Copywriter is Essential for Your Healthcare Business

As a medical copywriter, I love networking on the internet. And I noticed a lot of industries in technology, travel, fashion, politics, and entertainment – have outstanding website copy. 

How come healthcare websites these days are simply redundant and outdated?

Whether your industry is focused in health insurance, healthcare programs, pharmaceutical, medical devices, hospital, clinic, or research.

Keep reading because this article is for you. 

I’m fascinated by how websites are turning from ordinary to unconventional.

From average to exceptional. From ‘heavily technical’ to clear and concise.

But some websites have unclear, highly-technical writing – which is incomprehensible for customers.

We’re living in the 21st century where everyone is online, using their mobile phones. People nowadays have short attention span.

Do you think they still have time to digest complicated medical terminologies?

Have you assessed your healthcare website?

Are your company’s vision and mission easy to comprehend?

Are you communicating your goals and dreams using words that connect directly to your consumers?

Let me tell you what copywriting is.

Copywriting is an important element of effective online marketing. It’s the art and science of delivering words strategically by written or spoken form.

This writing style engages your customers to take action.

It’s the most powerful writing that huge businesses embrace to strengthen customer relationships and double their business revenue.

I bet you also want the same results.  

Copywriting is used by healthcare start-ups, consultants, partnerships, medical groups, and huge enterprises. Your business is NO exception.

Now, I’m going to tackle the reasons why investing in medical copywriting is essential for your healthcare business.

# 1 Attract New Clients and Improve Customer Retention

 Healthcare consumers are always looking for affordable healthcare programs available, packed with full benefits and great quality.

They sign-up for free trials to test the waters, only to cancel their subscription after a few months.

It can be due to privacy issues, less affordable healthcare, and low customer engagement.

An effective medical copywriting handles sensitive, privacy issues delicately. Through practice, your patients will feel more comfortable and respected in your organization.

How is this possible?

Because a compassionate, sensitive and engaging tone of writing communicates your commitment to observe strict, privacy guidelines. 

You should frequently post on social media and encourage customers to engage in your brand.

This strategy will help you connect with others on a personal level, making the experience more meaningful.

Imagine when complaints are being handled proactively. 

Understanding what your patients desire on a personal note.

Creating business solutions to improve your health services.

This strategy attracts new clients and retains your already existing customers. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to be surrounded with a bunch of loyal customers, right? 

All of these are possible by hiring a medical copywriter.

# 2 Promote Your Healthcare Products and Services

Your customers and potential clients are always online, and I can’t stress this enough.

Before buying your healthcare products and services, they have to be 100% convinced your products are the perfect match for them.

They need assurance that your brand is exactly what they’re looking for. Through medical copy, you’re identifying the pain points of your clients.

Provide them with perfect solutions. Build your expertise, eventually leading to a brand they completely trust. 

Describe the features and benefits of your medical solutions. Show detailed stories to justify the value of what you offer.

Offer so much value, they can’t resist your products.

Express genuine interest in your clients, so they know you have helped them make a decision that serves them better.

 # 3 A Medical Copywriter Uses Effective Communication That Relates to Your Audience

Clarity is the most important aspect of healthcare branding. You can’t place website content that’s full of fluff and blurred lines.

Re-evaluate your web content. Check your blogs and articles section. Check your press releases, email marketing and homepage.

Make sure your website content answers these questions:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What do you want your audience to know about you?
  3. What action does your audience need to take?
  4. Is your brand’s mission crystal clear?
  5. Do you have a well-developed brand voice?
  6. Do you have engaging blogs & articles that hooks your reader’s attention?
  7. What makes your brand special?
  8. Do you have a strategy to improve your content marketing?
  9. Is your website attracting NEW customers?

Clear communication builds good customer relationship. Develop your brand in a way that reflects your vision and mission.

Again, you have to use words that resonate to your audience. Stay away from highly-technical writing –instead use words that are easy to understand.

A good copywriter writes in your unique brand voice, develops your website content effectively, strategic in writing blogs, articles, and social media posts.

A copywriter persuades your loyal clients to trust you as a brand authority.

# 4 Persuade Your Audience to Buy Your Healthcare Products 

Without persuasion, clients won’t buy your products.

Write engaging content to bring consumers closer to your brand. They’ll have a grasp of how your products fit their individual needs.

Your brand must answer the question “What’s in it for me?”, then it will trigger customers to make a decision to purchase.

Again, let me tell you this. CLEAR COMMUNICATION IS KEY.

Express how your services offer so much value, whether you’re helping people move towards a healthy lifestyle, treating acute and chronic diseases and providing premium health care coverage.

A medical copywriter tells your customers how effective you are in protecting their sensitive medical information, innovating new technology and improving their healthcare condition.

# 5 Increase Your Sales

Rather than focusing on the features of your products, list the benefits to the end-user. Customers are more inclined to know ‘What’s in for me?’

If this question is left unanswered, they won’t bother reading your product specification. You need writing that’s conversational. So structure your writing in a way that’s less technical.

Make it simple yet captivating (loaded with information that’s beneficial for your clients). And remember to clearly outline the relationship between your product’s benefits and features.

This will boost your sales and profitability.

# 6 Rank Number 1 in Google Searches – Increase Your Online Visibility

 In today’s digital marketing world, you always come across SEO experts (Search Engine Optimization). If your business lacks SEO, then read closely:

Start now or your business will spiral down the infinite blackhole.

Your potential customers are online 85% of the time. The only way they can find you is by increasing your online visibility. Good copywriting uses appropriate keywords with structure that matches your products.

Expert SEO increases the chances of customers finding your website on google searches.  

Imagine your website appearing number 1 on google when someone searches for “Healthcare or Medical products”.

You have to thank SEO copywriting for that.

# 7 A Medical Copywriter Can Help Wipe Out Your Competitors

Don’t you want to secretly knock-out your competition? All business owners surprisingly desire this.

It’s very subtle, but every entrepreneur needs to learn high-level skills to survive in this tight and competitive market.

Healthcare brands need good copy to produce sophisticated ads, articles, blogs, web content, product launches, sales pages, press releases, social media, and so much more.

A medical copywriter speaks your customer’s language using your unique brand voice.

With copywriting, you position yourself in the market so well – your competitors can’t even cope up anymore. 

Writing business copy is about selling, promotion, building relationships while being profitable.

It’s not about winning literacy awards. Great medical copywriting is within your reach.

So keep these helpful tips in mind and you’ll promote and sell your healthcare products fast – reaching a vast number of potential buyers in ways you can’t imagine.

And if you want to upscale your business, reach more customers and drive MORE SALES – then let’s talk and I’ll help you with healthcare content strategies. 








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