Probiotics: Friendly Bacteria for Babies and Children

Probiotics: Friendly Bacteria for Babies and Children

Babies are naturally introduced to good bacteria as soon as you start breastfeeding them. These bacteria play a part in your child’s immune system development. Probiotics are often advertised as a support to gut health.


Probiotic supplementation is common for babies and children due to its effect in treating a wide range of health conditions.


The most fascinating probiotic is yogurt. Do you know that it contains hundreds of tiny living microorganisms? Don’t worry because these organisms are friendly and destroy bad bacteria to reduce infection.


In fact, current medical research says infants and children who consume probiotics while having diarrhea experienced reduced duration of the illness for about a day.


Keep on reading, so you’ll know how probiotics can keep your child healthy. 


Probiotics Fight Against Cough and Colds



Kids love playing around and come back home with slight cough, runny nose and headache. Flu like symptoms are not pretty, so spare your child from this misery.


Research have shown the effectivity of probiotics to boost the immune system. It helps prevent babies and children from having colds. It’s definitely recommended to try probiotics and keep your kids healthy, especially during the months of winter where colds are rampant.



Prevent Diarrhea and Viral Gastroenteritis


Nothing interferes a child’s play more than frequent trips to the bathroom because of diarrhea. Probiotic supplements are useful in acute diarrhea. And they reduce the duration of illness.


A randomized trial shows that bowel inflammation is reduced by probiotics. Infections are lowered in babies and children. The effects of probiotics depend on the strain and cause of infection.


Infant Colic


If you have a colicky baby, you understand how important it is to soothe the child. Well, probiotics appear to be a surprising remedy based on a study on The Journal of Family Practice.


The study suggests that colicky breastfed infants have lowered daily crying time after trying probiotics. And there were no adverse effects. This provides a safe intervention with solid evidence.



Reduce Eczema and Allergies


Is your child having frequent episodes of itchiness and allergic reactions? Eczema and severe allergies are another battle to conquer. You can’t ignore the rashes turning from pink to red. And sometimes they get scaly.


An exciting study shows that probiotic strains improved conditions of children with atopic dermatitis or eczema. Symptoms like scratching, redness and dryness of skin are reduced.


The quality of life is most important. With probiotics, children will experience better sleep patterns and positive well-being. 




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[…] Probiotics: Friendly Bacteria For Babies and Children […]


[…] Probiotics: Friendly Bacteria For Babies and Children […]