Elevit is Australia’s Most Popular Pregnancy Multivitamin

Elevit is Australia’s Most Popular Pregnancy Multivitamin

Elevit is a pregnancy multivitamin especially formulated to target your nutritional requirements. And this is perfect if you’re trying to be pregnant, or breastfeeding your newborn infant.

Elevit will definitely support you throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

1. Elevit helps develop your baby’s brain.

It contains 800 mcg folic acid, which is more than what other pregnancy supplements have. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida.

Birth defects normally occur during the first 3 to 4 weeks of pregnancy. So taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid helps develop your baby’s brain and spinal cord.

 2. Help prepare your body with a pregnancy multivitamin

 It’s highly recommended to take Elevit at least a month before you start trying to become pregnant. You need enough support through the right amount of nutrients for your baby’s healthy development.

 3. Support through your entire pregnancy.

Your nutritional needs are covered when you’re pregnant. While eating healthy is wise, taking a prenatal multivitamin like Elevit helps cover your nutritional gaps.

 It contains full formulation to cover your pregnancy needs – with 220 mcg Iodine, 60 mg iron, and 18 mg Vitamin B3. It also has zinc, calcium, vitamin C, and so much more.

4. Support you and your baby during breastfeeding.

You need a good balance between taking care of your newborn, home, and career. A lot of women experience massive blood loss after giving birth – and this causes iron deficiency.  

When nursing an infant, you need enough calcium. Unless you drink plenty of milk or you love consuming dairy products, it’s hard to get sufficient calcium from food.

So you need extra nutrients to sustain the pressure of breastfeeding and motherhood. And that’s why Elevit has the perfect formula for your adequate nutritional support.

5. Elevit is taken once a day at any time.

Best time to take it is after meals, with a full stomach.

6. Elevit is Australia’s most popular pregnancy multivitamin

It’s the only multivitamin and supplement that’s comprehensive enough to support you when you’re trying to conceive, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding.

So far, it’s the only pregnancy multivitamin that meets the Australian recommended dietary intake. Because Elevit has the highest folic acid and iodine levels.

While Elevit is number 1 in Asutralia, speak to your GP or obstetrician first before taking this supplement.



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