5 Secrets To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

5 Secrets To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

You’ll be impressed how email marketing has evolved.

From simple and untargeted mass mailings — to sophisticated and highly targeted.

What’s more, the subscribers give you permission to send them interactive and value-packed emails. 

As an email copywriter, I’ve subscribed to millions of email newsletters — dissecting each and every piece of marketing email.

Whether you call it a hobby or a past-time activity, I must say it’s a productive way of learning different strategies when it comes to making money — using emails alone. 

Being an entrepreneur makes me a decision maker. And I’ve decided to subscribe to email campaigns that will provide me with useful information.

Not only will it bring value to my existing clients – but will continue to improve the way I optimize and develop an email strategy. 

Based on a Texas case study called “The Effectiveness of Permission-based Email Marketing for Non-profit Organizations”, email advertising is positively recognized by subscribers. And leads to effective marketing results. 

So when you’re developing an email campaign, plan how to grab your customers’ attention. And get that fear of putting extra effort out of the way. Your prospects won’t be annoyed if you get the messaging right. 

Here are 5 actionable steps to deliver the email marketing results you desire:

Start with an effective

email marketing strategy

What do you want to achieve through email marketing? Prospects are looking for quality content with interesting offers. And here’s how to keep them engaged: 

Digital Marketing Institute provides engagement strategies for creating email newsletters:

  1. Promote your most recent blog posts
  2. Offer additional advice and offers to your readers
  3. Stay consistent on how frequent you send out emails, whether you prefer to send once a week or twice a month. 

The no-fluff method for email marketing

Simply put: Cut out the fluff.

Don’t waste your customers’ time. Because their time is valuable. 

So the subject line and opening sentence has to instantly grab attention. Compel customers to read further. You can either provide value straight away. Or start with storytelling. Or spark curiosity in their minds. 

How else do you implement the no-fluff method?

By focusing the email content on the customers, not about your business. It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Provide value before you even

attempt to sell

Give before you receive. By identifying your customers’ pain points, you can help solve their greatest challenges. 

And here are additional tips on creating value-packed content by Digital Marketing Institute. 

  1. How-to articles
  2. Industry news
  3. Tips on best practices

And most of all, answer the question, “Why should my customers care?” to communicate the value straight away. 

Create an intense message

and form strong relationships with your customers

Your opportunities to make more sales depend on how strong your relationship is with your customers. The more intense your messaging is, the higher level of tolerance there will be. 

So always keep in touch, but don’t exaggerate. Maintain a good level of balance between how frequent you send newsletters, and which type of messages are sent.

Whether you’re sending offers, promotions, or value-added content. 

Run a split test for your subject lines

To figure out whether your subject lines are effective or not, do split testing. Clickfunnels suggested that we must split a segmented group into two — and send the same email with different subject lines. 

Split test all your future emails — and you’ll know which subject lines have higher open rates for your target audience. This will give you an idea on what type of language works best for better conversions. 

Get smart with email segmentation

Your email list contains different people, with different interests, goals, behaviors and profiles. Target your customers from the beginning by splitting them into groups or ‘segments’. Here’s an example:

For health and wellness brands, customers can be segmented based on their level of sophistication. Some prefer to only buy luxury goods, while some are interested with affordable health supplements.

Whatever your customer wants, you should profile them from the beginning — so you can send targeted offers (and boost your sales!)

Do you need help with email marketing? As an expert, I can create an email strategy for your business. And I’ll write compelling newsletters so you can intensely connect with your customers – and ultimately convert them into loyal buyers. 

Contact me now at blessildastoker@outlook.com and I look forward to speak with you!


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[…] 5 Secrets To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy  […]


[…] 5 Secrets To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy […]


[…] 5 Secrets To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy […]