4 Brilliant Ways to Create Winning Video Ads

4 Brilliant Ways to Create Winning Video Ads

What if you can use video marketing to generate clients on demand? 

You may want to take advantage of YouTube videos to advertise and sell your products – before your competitor wins the game. 

Video selling is a marketing strategy you can’t afford to ignore. From search engines to social media, marketers know how to profit from video advertising. And YouTube content is filled with content accessible to new customers. 

So instead of doing a boring sales presentation using old tactics, why not use attention-grabbing video ads?

Decide whether to use short or long-form video ads

If you’re wondering which is a more effective sales-boosting formula, here’s what you should know.

2-minute videos need short and punchy content. And once you nail that, you’re guaranteed to get the best engagement possible – according to Wistia

And if you prefer to create 30-second video ads, chances are –  viewers will watch all the way through. 

Here’s why short videos perform well:

Half of your audience will stop watching the video before it ends. Most of them don’t even make it until the end.

When you think about it, it’s actually better to load the message with the best parts from the very beginning. Have a deep understanding on how lengthy video ads should be, in relation with viewer engagement. 

And the most important part? Your audience gets the most out of it. 

Yes, shorter videos results to more engagement in terms of video completion and clickthroughs. But long-form videos emphasize storytelling – and they’re effective 

It all boils down to your marketing goals. Huffpost’s article “Short-Form vs Long-Form Video: The Answer is Sometimes Both” said it’s all about your #campaigngoals.

Short-form videos are used to increase your clickthrough rates and viewing completion. But long-form videos grab attention and builds brand authority. 

Now after you’ve decided whether to create a short or long video, it’s time to get your message clear.

Save time using this super easy template

To craft a super effective video script, Hubspot suggested to answer these questions:

  1. What’s the main goal of the video?
  2. Who’s your target audience?
  3. What’s the topic? (and be very specific)
  4. What must the viewers learn from it?
  5. Any key takeaways after watching?
  6. What do you want viewers to do after watching the video? (call-to-action)

Use this template as a timesaver in finding the right message. 

Know what platform to use before creating a video

Your target audience’s lifestyle and preferences help you decide whether to upload the video on YouTube, Instagram, or other social sites. 

Young teenagers hangout on Instagram and YouTube. While middle-aged people often use Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

And it helps to maintain a conversational tone. By infusing humor and personality, you’ll connect to the viewers straight away. 

The skipping behavior

A journal called “Understanding Video-Ad Consumption on YouTube” said we have to understand the customers’ skipping behavior. This is learned through drawing insights on how users respond to video ads. 

Most likely, viewers will hit on the skip button – because they’re not interested to watch the whole spiel. So the most challenging part is to hold their attention. 

As a copywriter, I’ve helped clients boost their sales through writing video scripts for their online products. And I’d love to do the same for you. So if you’re ready to be visible online and start generating sales, contact me now at blessildastoker@outlook.com. 

And here’s your key takeaway: Video marketing is one of the most effective forms of online advertising. 

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