9 Easy Steps to Attract Customers with this Lead Generation Process

9 Easy Steps to Attract Customers with this Lead Generation Process

How do you fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads ready to buy from your website? Are you using an effective lead generation process?

When it comes to creating an effective lead generation strategy, you’re not only filling your pipeline with customers – you’re also nurturing and retaining them for as long as you can.

And if you’re running a health and wellness business, you can either use inbound or outbound lead generation techniques.

This also applies to coaches, trainers, and the personal development space. Any qualified prospect who’s interested to buy your products and services is considered a lead – whatever phase you are in the sales cycle.

In this blog, you’ll learn what’s behind the hype of quiz funnels, how to convert website visitors into buyers, how to improve your landing page, and how to create an effective content calendar.

 Quiz funnels are hot topics lately

My love for quizzes is undeniable. I clearly remember how I exchanged my email address just to go through a super exciting quiz – and get the results straight to my inbox. 

Quizzes like:

“Find out what’s your body type to know what’s the right diet for you.” or

“Find out what type of Manifestor are you.” or

“Find out what type of coaching program is perfect for you.”

It’s crazy to think how people are willing give out their personal details and email just to know the answers from the quizzes. You’ll generate leads rapidly using quiz funnels. 

To make this super effective, the topics have to be very relevant to your products and services. Ask an exciting question to your prospect. Engage them with a series of multiple choice questions. And watch them enter their email addresses without hesitation – to get the results. 

 Top of the funnel health marketing

Here’s what Marketo said about what happens when a new lead enters your marketing system.

“They’re at the top of the funnel.”

Like other businesses, you may be good at lead generation. But keep this in mind:

Most leads aren’t ready to buy just yet. 

And when the leads aren’t ready to speak with your sales people, it’s probably because you haven’t qualified them well. Your prospects start getting ignored. And completely swindled by your competitors. 

Now this makes you realize, “I have to do better lead generation practice to nurture my leads.” 

And why is a fantastic lead generation campaign important?

It will build relationships. Prospects will trust you. And they will eventually do business with you. 

Generate traffic through website lead conversion

lead generation

You have two goals in online marketing, based on “The power of website lead conversion” by WEO media:

  1. Generate traffic as much as possible
  2. Convert those leads into patients, paying customers, or scheduled appointments 

Converting your leads into paying customers marks the success of your website lead conversion. If you’re a coach, consultant, doctor or trainer, here’s the formula on how to calculate your lead conversion rate.

Phone calls + appointments + contact form inquiries, divided by your website traffic every month.

Do this simple math. And you’ll get a baseline data on how your web traffic converts. 

 Simplify your sales process with a solid

 lead generation strategy

lead generation

Buyers have plenty of access to online information. And with that said, they’ll try to shop around for free info before talking to your sales team. 

With a strong marketing plan, potential buyers will be more interested – ready to contact you. 

Instead of wasting time doing cold calling, your sales process becomes easier. Your leads are converting faster than before. Just imagine how much money and time you’ll save with a solid strategy in place. 

By building a strong digital presence, buyers won’t have to speak to anyone from your team because most of them are already aware and ready to buy. They’re already pre-sold through your free online content and videos.  

 Get direct exposure to your potential customers using Quora

Be active on Quora while building your online profile. Answer questions to give you direct exposure to potential customers who are looking for solutions. 

Then setup links to your website or landing page where customers can get to know you more and your products.

Give value to increase your thought leadership. And when you feel bored on a Sunday afternoon, answer questions on Quora. You’ll never know, it can be your source of lead generation. 

 Less is MORE for landing pages

Avoid bounce rates by organizing your landing page. Make sure your landing page has no clutter and is easy to navigate. This is how you setup a landing page:

  1. Cover the most basic and important information
  2. Arrange the ideas in a logical way
  3. Get clear with your call to action by letting the visitor know what to do next

And here’s what you want the visitors to do: Get them to decide in a matter of minutes. 

Give them less options. And make no mistake of providing multiple calls to action. Confusing the customers is the last thing you want to happen.

For example, if you’re selling vitamins and supplements, choose only one product per landing page. If you’re selling coaching packages or intensive bootcamps, offer only ONE package. 

Do you want customers to buy the supplement or sign-up for your coaching sessions? Do you want to get their email address in exchange of a free eBook? Do you want them to click through a video link? 

Create a consistent content calendar

lead generation

To generate leads, you have to be consistent with blogging. As a copywriter, I was too excited when I first started writing blogs on my website. But the excitement only lasted for 3 months. 

After I took Copyhackers’ 10X Freelance Copywriter course, Joanna Wiebe (my mentor) encouraged me to be consistent with my content calendar. She said that when I push high-quality articles, it will build my authority. And it will be one of those lead-generation machines I can use to grow my business.

No more excuses. No more holding back. No more procrastination.

And here’s what I wanna tell you: Just do the damn thing. 

You’ll find some of your high-traffic blog posts become evergreen, and you can optimize them as your business evolves.

Start pushing content once a week or even twice a month. Just be consistent. You’ll notice growth through organic traffic. And more leads coming to your website. 

Now’s the time to decide. Do you want to be consistent creating content packed with value?

Long-term planning for content marketing

And when you’ve decided to be consistent in writing high-quality articles for your target audience, the next logical step is to answer this question:

“What are your long-term goals for content planning?”

Look at your website analytics to see which topics are hyper-relevant.

Because these content drive traffic. You’ll see patterns to get insights on how to improve your content marketing strategy.

Check which blog posts have the most views. And dive deeper into what your customers are really obsessed with. Start writing articles. 

Turn your calls to action into hot buttons

With hyper-focused goals, you’ll get clear with your calls to action (CTA). Make your CTAs appealing enough for your readers to do exactly what you want them to. 

Unbounce always updates their evergreen content – giving readers the option to signup for a trial or join their email list. 

If you need help driving traffic to your website, converting prospects into leads and buyers, let’s talk. I’d love to help you create powerful marketing and sales copy. Let’s uncover the right marketing message for your business. 



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