Why you should Sell Ideas instead of Products

Why you should Sell Ideas instead of Products

Nobody can be a top dermatologist and be the best surgeon at the same time. 

And that’s where the power of choosing a niche comes from. Where you solve just one particular problem for your clients.

I’m not a huge fan of being the one-size-fits-all solution. Or a jack of all trades, and master of none. When you give customers the best experience, it changes how you do business. 

Instead of just selling products, make genuine connections with others. Sell fresh ideas and you’ll create lasting relationships.

Sell a whole new thought pattern


Based on an article “Don’t sell a product, sell a whole new way of thinking” from Harvard Business Review, here are some questions you may want to think about when selling.

What original ideas lead to your solutions? 

How can people better understand what problems you’re solving?

Are there any ‘aha’ moments when people become excited about your offers?

Shift the way people think and shift their behavior


I’ve learned through an article that there was a doctor in Vienna who observed a death rate decrease caused by fever. And he argued that doctors should wash their hands before handling patients.

Dr. Semmelweis was ridiculed and laughed upon. Even his wife thought he was out of his mind. 

But after a few decades, Louis Pasteur proved that bacteria and germs cause diseases. And the rest was history. It changed how people took care of their health. Doctors understood the importance of hand washing. 

When I worked as a nurse at a hospital, I remembered how my hands dried up because I needed to follow strict hand washing. And I do it every time I went inside a patient’s room and get out. It’s a hospital protocol I can’t get away with. 

Hand washing became a new standard of care. 

If only Dr. Semmelweis led people to believe that lack of hygiene caused diseases. Then he would have made them understand the benefits of hand washing. And eventually shift the way they think and behave. 

Invest in lifestyle marketing


What kind of lifestyle are you selling to your customers? Are you selling them the dream? The transformation?

Sell them the kind of lifestyle they’ll have after buying your products and services. Sell them the possible changes within reach after the experience. 

This way, you’re selling the dream – not the product. It’s not about the product anymore. It’s about giving customers what’s important to them. 

Here’s my process for effective copywriting: 

Data-driven research + Creativity that touches the hearts of customers

Using advanced content marketing increases your brand awareness. Use content not only to drive clicks and web traffic, but also to build authority in a niche. 

Look at how Apple performs their marketing. They’re selling a lifestyle, not just the phone. Consumers want to be identified as iPhone users. They want to be part of this exclusive club living the Apple lifestyle. 

Sell the idea, not the product

I buy most of my skincare products from The Body Shop. And I’ve been loyal to this brand for about 3 years now. 

What I love about most is their ongoing support for animal cruelty-free movement. And most of their products are 100% vegan. Now that’s selling an idea, not just the product. Every time I buy their tea tree skincare line, it makes me feel as if I’m part of the cruelty-free global movement.

Successful health supplement businesses don’t sell supplements. They sell natural healing, youthfulness, and radiance from within. 

Successful lawyers don’t sell legal services. They sell peace of mind.

Even debt collectors don’t sell low interest rates. They help update your credit status from bad to good. So you can take another loan from the bank. 

Successful artists don’t sell products. They sell entertainment, happiness, and fresh perspective in life. 

Successful life coaches don’t sell online courses and webinars. They sell transformation and how you can manifest everything you desire.

Now, what are some fresh ideas you’re selling to make your brand stand out? 

As a copywriter, I can help you create new ideas to sell your products and services online. Comment below, or send me an email at blessildastoker@outlook.com 


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