What sets me apart from other writers?

I’m medically-inclined


I’m a Copywriter with a ‘sharp wit’ for words that persuade,

 driving sales for your health, medical, 

beauty & wellness business.

With more than a decade of health & medical experience,

I’ve rotated every single, medical setting imaginable.

This level of mastery is rare.

So choose a writer with extensive healthcare expertise.

Choose someone who knows how to execute medical research

to protect your  brand credibility.

Choose someone who’ll go to great lengths,

and discover what your business truly needs.

Here are topics I’ve covered in the past:

Vitamins and Supplements


Acupuncture / Natural Health

Health and Wellness

Beauty and Wellness

Food and Nutrition

Sports Medicine


Hospital Recruitment

Diet and Weight Loss

… and a Broad Range of other Medical Topics.

I’ll convert technical writing to creative and compelling medical copy.

I’ll speak your language and transform your website using your stellar brand  ‘voice’, making YOU a thought leader and the best influencer in your industry.

Let’s make you a STAR!

My art of writing deeply connects to your target audience

using logic, research, and emotion.

Yes, I combine that with zero effort,

because the only way to write compelling copy,

is to balance reason while striking your reader’s emotion.

If you’re looking for a highly-specialized copywriter

with immense medical knowledge,

then look nowhere else.

You need someone who truly understands your business language.

Someone who knows how wild and chaotic the healthcare industry is.

Someone who cares about the tiniest details of your business. 

And you’ll grow like no other industry will!

So you want to create novel innovations,

and think BIG ideas to transform your business?


Let’s Brainstorm!