Sales Pages / Landing Pages


If you want to secure sales for your health, beauty & wellness products,

I’ll help you create irresistible sales pages for your website.

Whether you need short-form or long-form sales pages,

I can make that happen.


You need a sales page (also called ‘sales letter’) to get your visitors buy your products online.

We’ll include all relevant information to help your customer make an informed decision.

I’ll do market research to target your specific audience –

knowing the pain points of your customers.

And convincing them that your product/service is the perfect solution to their problems.


Email Marketing 


If you have an email list or website subscribers,

then you better start using email marketing.

Your visitors subscribed to your newsletters for a reason.

Because they’re interested. And you got them hooked.

I’ll help you create a sales funnel to launch your services.

And get your email subscribers purchase your products online.

And get that return of investment straight to your bank account.


You need email marketing to:

Send promotional emails so your customers will keep buying your products – perfect to upsell and cross sell your offers

Strengthen your customer relationship to gain customer loyalty

Advertisements or product updates with useful information

Membership service offers


Blogs and Articles


You don’t have a blog.

… or your blog section is bland, boring and does not appeal to your readers.

I can transform your blog into something juicy and interesting that will engage your customers.

Blogs are a great marketing tool, used by several healthcare leaders

to build their brand and increase online visibility.

Got a peer-reviewed journal or research study you want to share with readers?

Nobody reads highly technical writing.

So let me convert that study into a fascinating blog post,

enticing your audience so they’ll think of you as a valuable leader.

My Secret Superpower is BLENDING content marketing and copywriting to create all-in-one blog posts,

depending on the area of focus.

I use my intuition to match the sensitivity of each topic – because we’re talking healthcare.

So let me help you write captivating blogs and articles

to attract customers and increase your LEADS.


 Social Media Content / Facebook Ads

Whatever happened to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages?

Everyone else is active on social media except you.

If you want to increase your likes, shares, retweets and social following,

then I’m the perfect girl for you.

I use online charm and verbal entertainment 

to keep your readers hooked.

Imagine your customers always excited and dying to hear from you.

… so let me handle this,  I’ll help you write your daily social media content,

while I protect your online image.

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